Last September, the Fiera del Levante in Bari, I'm in love with a stand packed with balls of wool of all types and colors…Obviously the conditions were, NO PURCHASE, YOU DO NOT HAVE MONEY, YOU MUST SAVE, NOT MUCH you will use it BEFORE NEXT EVENT etc. etc. etc.!!!….but how can you not fall into temptation with a wonderful wool russet which moreover is called Tinkerbell (as my beloved miciona *-*!!)!!?


I had to fail in my good intentions heheh :D…and now that I have also found the pattern (fluted cowl from the site Purl Bee, site full of ideas, schemes, tutorials and materials) and the perfect idea (a neck warmer is always a perfect idea ehehe), also my conscience was relaxed :D.


Trilly cowl


Trilly cowl



In my case I used about 250g of wool Tinkerbell *-* (50% work, 25% alpaca and 25% acrylic) for irons # 6 and # 6 circular needles (of 40cm).



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