Da un po’ time I tried an inspiration to shape two balls of wool a wonderful lilac, soft and elegant! Often traveling with fantasy at speeds absurd even for myself, much to do projects, trovare idee e poi perderle in qualche angolo della memoria l’attimo seguente 😀 OMG!! I have not found in the memory the best idea for this wool, but aided by the obsession with a point that I absolutely wanted to try crocheting *-*, though perhaps not be very original, inspiration is here and someone will wear her new scarf :D!




Peruvian Neck Warmer

Realize it is much simpler than it may seem, although it requires a lot of patience :)!


The Peruvian point or cane or broomstick lace stitch, is accomplished by initiating a number of meshes multiple of 5…in my case with a crochet hook number 4, I started 120 chains then proceeding from the point 3 up to a height of 35cm.

Broomstick lace stitch


Got to the point 15 start again from the point 4 until you reach the desired height for the warmer! At the end, always with the hook, I closed the two side ends of the job working mesh low, o in alternativa si cuciono le due estremità 🙂



Dreamer amigurumista full-time and part-time ^ - ~! I do not know describe me best if not through what, images and words, will come out of this blog / site / lunaparkperimieisognieidee ^ - ~! Thank you for being passed and good navigation :)


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