The idea of ​​buying online wool and accessories, I have to say, I'm not very inspiring, not because I thought it would allow me to make me really appreciate the quality of materials, or even just to get into the fact that I love haberdashery and be inspired by the colors, yarn, from fabrics, and everything that happens to me under the eyes…..

obviously all things that go to fill the wish list and projects to be implemented, then there are, in the back of my head waiting, that my desire or my time you decide to give it life…
But this time I wanted to try to get into a virtual haberdashery .. and I must say that I was excited about, for the quality of the yarns, the speed of service, the friendliness and kindness of Alice, proprietary “Of wool and other stories”…

Un’assaggio dei filati con i primi lavori fatti dalla mia nonnina per i suoi nipotini 😀


The rest, con una piacevole sorpresa 😉


Thanks again Alice, credo ci risentiremo presto 🙂

This is the website for those who want to take a look In addition to yarn: matter, accessori maglia e uncinetto e tanti tutorial 🙂
Good navigation ^ _ ~!


Dreamer amigurumista full-time and part-time ^ - ~! I do not know describe me best if not through what, images and words, will come out of this blog / site / lunaparkperimieisognieidee ^ - ~! Thank you for being passed and good navigation :)


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