It is difficult to find words to describe the joy and richness that two small treasures can bring in a family!

Seeing a man a bit '…surly ( Uncle, you know that I love you true? ;P ) transformed into a tender father and a woman a little’ timid, in a strong and proud mother, seems incredible magic! Even more magical is that, authors of this, are two small, indeed tiny creatures eheheheh….
E questo Γ¨ il mio benvenuto per loro πŸ˜‰


For the occasion, I tried to experiment with hand-sewn ^ ^ ( the sewing machine, che mia mamma usa con tanta maestria, I do not know why, but I do not feel yet within my reach…ma mai dire mai, sooner or later I will have the better of her ehehehehe).



Tell the truth, Embroidery is the most beautiful true?! Here .. is so nice and precisely because it is not my work heheh


Dreamer amigurumista full-time and part-time ^ - ~! I do not know describe me best if not through what, images and words, will come out of this blog / site / lunaparkperimieisognieidee ^ - ~! Thank you for being passed and good navigation :)


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