Hello World ^-^!


Hello to all!!!
I am Rosangela, lover of handmade.
I like to create above Amigurumi (crocheted dolls, aimed at an exclusive aesthetic use, gives to collect or wedding favors, place card and treasured memories of any event, in short, the only limit is your imagination ;D) starting with those of the world around me or I are suggested or that come from my imagination. My fantasy would not call “creative”Rather .... “emotional”... in that it gives life to images associated with emotions that inspire me the people or the opportunity that a building is designed ... or at least that's what I flatter myself *-*! Found the idea, I first realized a drawing to help me trace the next scheme with which to implement the project! Besides, however, amigurumi, They are attracted to all that is possible to make by hand, so it may happen that you find in this blog also several projects: Knitted, crocheted, dressmaking, origami etc. ^^!

Of course I not always get the desired results, but I think, if the moment of creation made me feel good and enthusiastic then the result will be perfect, con tutti i suoi difetti πŸ˜€ !!

Feel free to contact me for a custom request, se vuoi semplicemente un consiglio o darmene di tuoi πŸ˜€ sarΓ² felice di rispondere ^^

here's how you can contact me:

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thanks for being gone from these parts

Have a wonderful day ^-^!