A look at the winter seem cold and “nasty”, but it is difficult to find another plant that can excite its flowering as a succulent plant…


And I can not help but admire and amaze me every time I look at them, because in spite of an appearance rude and cold, enclose and protect in their hearts the most delicate beauty…that do not leave out to be the case, but with care, only when the conditions are ideal…and who is willing to wait can rejoice in a show candid and warm, its flowering!



Just like those people who often go unnoticed, looking uncared for or unsociable character, who build walls around themselves to defense bombproof, to better protect the treasure, but at the same time ready, when they feel safe, let it shine in his own being in all its glory, to give themselves fully and to accept others…




A song that I love “Cactus”….in the acoustic version of the “Epitone Project” and the wonderful voice of Lucia (Shim Kyu Line)


Dreamer amigurumista full-time and part-time ^ - ~! I do not know describe me best if not through what, images and words, will come out of this blog / site / lunaparkperimieisognieidee ^ - ~! Thank you for being passed and good navigation :)


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