I know it's still early and, moreover, I am in Calabria O_o, but I do not know maybe because of the need of some’ of cool if not cold, I was reminded of her…the little showgirl that last Christmas I made for my mom * ^ *
It is now that much, although occasionally, I depart 5minuti ( ok yes it is better to speak of hours or days in these cases eheheheh) “amigurumosi”, but this is the first made for her…
In fact, once made, like a kitten, she herself has chosen its target…is sweet and energetic at the same time…just like her, la mia Omma (Ma) come direbbero in Corea 🙂





I hope to see her bring a little cheer and’ di frescura in questa calda giornata settembrina 😀

Per chi volesse prepararne qualcuno per il prossimo Natale ecco il mio schema :

Cosa ti serve?

  • lana o cotone bianco, fucsia, verde
  • crochet 2 mm o adeguato al tuo filato
  • ago da lana
  • ago e filo giallo e nero per i ricami

Legenda dei punti

  • ⊗ = magic loop = anello magico
  • ° = ch (chain) =catenella
  • x = sc (single crochet) = maglia bassa
  • • = sl (slip crochet) = maglia bassissima
  • ∨ = inc (increase, 2 sc in the same stitch) = aumento (due nuove maglie basse nella maglia da lavorare)
  • ∧ = inv dec (invisible decrease, 2 sticht together in front loop) = diminuzione invisibile ( due maglie lavorate insieme solo sull’asola anteriore della maglia da lavorare)

Partendo dalla base del corpo:

1. 6x in ⊗ [6]
2. 6 [12]
3. (1, 1x) ripetere fino alla fine del giro [18]
4. (2x, 1) ripetere fino alla fine del giro [24]
5. (1, 3x) ripetere fino alla fine del giro [30]
6. (4x, 1) ripetere fino alla fine del giro [36]
7. – 13. 36x [36]
14. (4x, 1∧) ripetere fino alla fine del giro [30]
15. (1∧, 3x) ripetere fino alla fine del giro [24]
16. (2x, 1∧) ripetere fino alla fine del giro [18]

…quilting with cotton…

17. (1∧, 1x) ripetere fino alla fine del giro [12]
18. 12x [12]
19. (1, 1x) ripetere fino alla fine del giro [18]
20. (2x, 1) ripetere fino alla fine del giro [24]
21. – 23. 24x
24. (2x, 1∧) ripetere fino alla fine del giro [18]
25. (1∧, 1x) ripetere fino alla fine del giro [12]

…quilting well with cotton…
26. 6∧•
27. 15 °
28. 14x ° from the second
29. 1 • Between the shirt 1 and 14 the cord that you created.

Close the needle with the cord within the previous.

Scarf, with green yarn

1. 19 °
2. 18x from the second chain, 1 catenella
3. 18x, 1 maglia bassissima

Headphones, with fuchsia yarn

1. 3x in a magic ring
2. 11 catenelle
3. in the second ch from work: 1V, 1x, 1 maglia bassissima.

Details: Embroider eyes and decorations with star point, the mouth by constructing a triangle with 3 grass points.

I hope to see many small snowgirls play together on your Christmas trees *-*!

Have fun and thanks for being gone from here



Dreamer amigurumista full-time and part-time ^ - ~! I do not know describe me best if not through what, images and words, will come out of this blog / site / lunaparkperimieisognieidee ^ - ~! Thank you for being passed and good navigation :)


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